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Happy Birthday To Us!


Three years! We are so excited to share this momentous moment with those that helped us get here, all of you!

Join us March 26th, 2018 Noon-8pm for free ice-cream.

Here is what you need to know:

We will be giving out free scoops of our specialty ice-cream.  Our flavors will be a little different, because…

They will be served and inspired by some of our favorite businesses in Sandpoint.

Evans Brothers-Will be pulling shots for free affogatos from Noon-4pm.

Our flavors are as follows:

Smoked  Peaches and Cream Crisp inspired by Wildwood Grilling

Porter Palooza inspired by Mickduff’s

Sweet Basil with Beet Swirl-inspired by Beet and Basil

Hibiscus-Joels Mexican Restaurant

Mountain Mocha Roca- inspired by Schweitzer Mountain Resort

FluffleBerry- inspired by Panhandle Alliance for Education (The organization we will be accepting donations for)

We will also have a Puppy Ice-Cream, for our furrier fans. This will be served out of the ice-cream bike outside of the shop. While we love all four-legged friends, they must stay outside. (sorry)

The only items for purchase will be coffee drinks and pints. When they are gone they are gone. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience.

Please note, while this is a completely free ice-cream day, we want to give to a cause that is very important to us… Education! To do this, we will have a bin set aside for donations. All donations will go to the Panhandle Alliance for Education, a wonderful organization working hard to support and encourage Teachers and Students in the Idaho Panhandle.

Most, if not all of our Scoopers during this event will be guests from the businesses mentioned above. They are graciously giving of their time to celebrate with us. So, please be patient and encouraging as they do their best to scoop ice-cream. It is not as easy as it looks.

Last but not least, tell anyone and everyone. Let’s Party.

Happy Birthday To Us!


Just Plain Chocolate

We value simplicity without compromising quality and “Just Plain Chocolate” is a delicious example of that. By churning Direct Trade, Single Origin cocoa and Askinosie chocolate into our dairy we are taking “Chocolate Ice-Cream” to a whole new level. In fact, the name “ Just Plain Chocolate” is a bit of an inside joke here at the shop, because Askinosie chocolate is anything but plain. They not only produce exquisite chocolate without adding soy but they also use their craft to aid in community development. They were the first chocolate makers to trade directly with Tanzania cocoa farmers and we proudly use their Tanzanian chocolate in this ice cream.

If you want to know more about Askinosie Please check them out at

The only thing left to do now is to get yourself a sample. Meet us at the shop.


Sunday – Thursday 12PM – 8PM
Friday & Saturday 12PM – 9PM

Evans Brothers Coffee

We are very passionate about our Handcrafted Ice-Cream and know the importance of teaming up with equally passionate people. When looking for a coffee roaster we didn’t have to look very far. Evans Brothers, located approx .4 miles from our shop, was the perfect addition. Their coffee, roasted right here in Sandpoint, uses single origin, direct trade beans that allow us to explore different ice cream combinations, such as Affogatos, Cold brew floats, and Coffee ice cream.

– Affogato: A scoop of any flavored Ice Cream with two shots of espresso delicately poured over the top.

– Cold Brew Float: Deliciously smooth Cold Brew with a scoop of ice cream -any flavor- like a rootbeer float with a caffeinated twist.

– Coffee Ice-Cream: We take 1 cup of grounds plus 1 cup of espresso and churn it with our dairy to create the perfect coffee forward flavor.

Come into the shop and see how we utilize such an amazing Sandpoint resource. Also check them out at or visit their shop located at 524 Church St. Sandpoint, Idaho 83864.